Government, Do Business with Local Businesses!

Our Small Businesses are READY to fill your requirements!

We vett each business within our network to ensure they’re financially capable and ready to support your needs!

Our team of Government and Small Business experts have decades of experience supporting procurements for many branches of the Government. Our goal is to help the U.S. Government work with Small Business in their local areas. We’ve found that most Local Small Businesses don’t compete for opportunities within their own backyard and we’ve asked why? By asking why we figured out ways to help support Small Business and the Government at the same time. Our process is Easy as 1-2-3-Go TO Market.

Our EASY 1-2-3 WINNING Strategy

We focus on 3 core questions; What do you need to BUY, How can we supply the product or service, and How can we build a growth relationship to support your Mission.

We all Win! When the U.S. Goverment spends our tax payers money with Local Service Providers the money stays in the community. We work with you to help make this a win for us all. 

idea preparation

Buying Forecast

Developing a buying forecast helps to align requirements with capable Small Businesses. We align your requirements with vetted and financially capable Small Businesses.

people networking together

Networking HUB

Communicating with Small Business about what’s on the horizon provides them an opportunity to prepare. We help prepare and market your communications through our Small Business HUB.

person showing a chart

Agency Mission

Educating Small Business on the Agencies Mission is key to aligning and building long-term growth opportunities. We educate our members on the Agencies Mission before we approach.

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We all Win!

We are in this together and whole goal is to empower local economies by helping the Government to KEEP tax payers monies in the community that we live in. By working together we can make this happen!

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